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2019 Winter Jubilee Speaker

Elder Kenneth R. Hicks, II
Pentecostal United Church of Christ Apostolic – Florence, SC
Friday, February, 22, 2019, 7:30 p.m.
Guest Speaker - Pre-Jubilee Service 

Romans 10:14-15 says, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how in shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent?

On January 5, 1990, the Lord sent Kenneth R. Hicks II, as a blessing to Wendy and Kenneth R. Hicks in Marion, SC.  He is the eldest brother of Carlton G. Hicks and Justin Redd.  His ministry started in the Pentecostal United Church of Christ Apostolic under the leadership of Apostle Fred Graham.  He was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ at the tender age of 10 and received the gift of the Holy Ghost at the age of 12 years old.  As a small toddler around the age of 2, he would stand on his grandfather’s fireplace and preach until he would lose his voice.

He accepted the call to ministry at the young age of 14 and began to walk into what was predestined before the foundation of the world.  He earned his license at the age of 17 and has been preaching the word ever since.  Being a third-generation man of the cloth, his ministry is not only reflected through preaching, Minister Hicks is also actively serving as the armor bearer, choir director, and praise & worship leader on the national and local levels for Pentecostal United Churches of Christ, Apostolic Inc.

Many people have had a lasting impact on Minister Hicks. His parents Kenneth Sr & Wendy Hicks; grandfather, Apostle Fred Graham; godfather, Bishop Michael Blue, and his best friend Elder Tyquan Sparks; all of them have encouraged and inspired him in the ministry.  They also hold a special place in his heart and remain a foundational influence in his life and ministry.

Through the ministry of God using his instrument Minister Hicks, souls have been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, prophetic words have been manifested, the sick have been healed and delivered, the depressed and oppressed have been lifted and set free, and the bound delivered by the hand of God.  Minister Hicks has a sincere heart for the people and has been assigned to change the lives of men and women globally. His life and ministry is an inspiration to many and there are no limits to what he can accomplish with God on his side.

Elder Derrick Bull and Remnant
Friday, February, 22, 2019, 7:30 p.m.
Guest Psalmist - Pre-Jubilee Service 

When Derrick Bull began his pursuit to assemble the most anointed singers and worshippers from his hometown to help encourage people through praise and worship, it was the beginning of a journey that today has propelled him to a position of musical visionary. For nearly his entire life, the Darlington, South Carolina native has been striving to create a spiritual difference, consistently pressing to capture the minds of young people by helping them to experience God through sincere praise and worship. He has soared from being a director of the Sunshine Choir at his home church as a child, to one of the most sought after worship leaders in the state of South Carolina, emerging as the founder of the talented group, Minister Derrick Bull & Remnant. “I grew up singing at St. Matthew’s UCJC, Apostolic church where my father is the pastor. We had a service called Pastor’s Aide every third Sunday, where everybody had to sing something, play an instrument or participate somehow. I attribute the beginning of my love for music and my journey to this.” From childhood until his tenure as a student at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC, Derrick was a member of the Mont Clare Community Choir; a seventy-plus member children’s choir founded by his aunt that became well known throughout North and South Carolina. As one of the premiere-lead vocalists, Derrick and the choir participated in, and won state and regional competitions at the McDonald’s Gospel Fest during the 1990’s, and performed with Commissioned, John P. Kee, Shirley Caesar, and other notable gospel recording artists.

Over the next twelve years, Derrick acted as a spiritual catalyst, guiding the Mont Clare Community Choir through a successful period of transition. Extending an invitation to singers and musicians he had worked with during different eras of his early music career, he helped the choir make the conversion to a worship ensemble; and eventually changed its name to Minister Derrick Bull & Remnant. The newly formed group sang cover songs for the first year while Derrick worked on arranging original song material. Recording its first music demo project would prove to be the fulfillment of a vision from God. The four song demo received rave reviews from fans, while the track Open up the Heavens was featured as Download of the Week on The Gospel Music Channel. Derrick and his group released their first professionally recorded project in January 2010. The heart and soul of the project entitled Heart of a Worshipper are its dynamic vocals and anointed lyrics.

The album features thick layers of instrumentation fronted by Remnant’s rich vocals, delivering a much-needed message of God’s compassion and love through a live worship experience. Heart of a Worshipper is overflowing with powerful praise and worship songs that are capable of leaving all gospel fans wanting to know more and have a personal relationship with God. The project’s title track Heart of a Worshipper is a vibrant song that ushers listeners into the presence of God. The song was inspired by a musician’s appreciation service Derrick attended. The messenger spoke on the pitfalls of a worshipper, a sermon about King David and the adversities he faced during his lifetime. Eventually, as Derrick began to write songs, he explains, “It seemed like a conversation with God. I felt it was important to let God know what was on my mind, and allow my heart to be submissive and totally yielded to Him. In return, God has poured His love back into me through beautiful lyrics that will transform cultures.”

Minister Rodger D. Hairston, Jr.
Shiloh Temple WOTCC – Charlotte, NC
Saturday, February 23, 2019, 9:30 a.m.
Corporate Prayer and Morning Manna

Called from his mother’s womb and handpicked by GOD, Roger Daniel Hairston Jr, is the son of Mr. Roger and Mrs. Sherry Hairston. He is the grandson that made his debut on radio and television in his local church under the guidance of the late Bishop CW Hairston.  It was a common practice for him to be dressed in a suit and tie at the early age of 5 years old and in front of the congregation singing all his grandmother’s hit songs.  Tunes like “There’s A Storm Out on the Ocean and I know the Lord will make a way” just to name a few were common songs for “Little Roger” to just sing so profoundly with the anointing.  Beginning at Jerusalem was the foundation of what you are experiencing today as he releases what has been in his belly from birth.

The late Bishop C.W. Hairston had the vision and saw a leader by simply calling him up to sing and standing before people.  Known then as “LITTLE ROGER”, he had NO FEAR in standing before crowds and singing at the top of his range and then praising GOD at the conclusion of his presentation.  As time progressed, he was often asked to sing before or after his “PAPA” preached.

He was being used mightily and experienced the joy of being used as God’s Vessel.  His mother also a singer was instrumental in making sure he was ready at all times to give what was required of him.  His father Roger, Sr. has supplied all of the needs that a young man needs and deserves and brought him to church every week as the bible teaches us to raise them up in the way they should go and when they get old, they will not depart.

The Lord began to use Roger in a mighty way and it was very obvious that he was NOT JUST A SINGER but A LEADER in the making.  He was baptized and filled with the precious gift of the holy ghost at an early age and became one of the lead singers in the choir.  His singing opened many doors to minister at several churches.   Being committed to his local church now offered him the opportunity to speak at the National Youth for Christ Youth Convention at the Way of the Cross Organization.

He is a native of Rocky Mount Virginia where he attended Franklin County Public Schools. He graduated from Franklin County High School in 2011, and continued his studies at Radford University in Radford, VA, where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2015.   After graduating school he began to seek jobs in his major and always dreamed of living in a city.  He is now the Direct Manager of 2 stores of Enterprise Rental Car and works also as a leader in his career.  His job enables his to oversee two locations and manage several employees.

On August the 19th, 2015, after much prayer the Lord moved Roger to Charlotte, NC. There he began to serve under the powerful leadership of Bishop Darrell J. Hairston.   Because of the anointing on Roger’s life, Bishop Hairston saw the vision that his grandfather saw.  Isn’t it amazing how his grandfather was Bishop Hairston and His current pastor is Bishop Hairston.  God has a plan! Bishop Hairston carries the torch of handing this precious gift to the body of Christ that his grandfather carried and presented him with all the tools that he needed to be successful in ministry.

The Lord began to move even the more in his life, and he knew the Lord had a higher calling.  Now we see the fire that is on this young man’s life.   He loves God’s people and carries the anointed gift of singing given to him by his mother and his grandmother.

His ultimate goal is to serve the people of GOD by following Christ’s example of humility and love.   Roger has a desire to bring communities back together again, and walk in unity with the love of GOD which was given to him by his family first and then the Church.

Overseer Aaron McNair, Jr.
Pastor, Mount Moriah Community Church – Raleigh, NC
Saturday, February 23, 2019, 10:15 a.m.
Youth Empowerment Session

 Aaron McNair, Jr. is a 7th generation preacher. He is an influential mentor and trendsetter for his generation. Pastor Aaron is an innovative leader, ingenious strategist, author, prolific teacher and passionate preacher. In 2015, he became the Lead Pastor of Mt. Moriah Community Church-Raleigh, the second launch of four locations. MMCC-Raleigh is known as the “Place of Impact” and is a vibrant ministry whose mode for excellence is fervently sought after by pastors and ministries globally. Pastor Aaron has the humbling opportunity of traveling nationally and internationally teaching God’s word, training ministry leaders and preachers. He has been interviewed and featured for his ministerial guidance and spiritual insight numerous times on TCT Network reaching 20 Million homes. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the North Carolina College of Theology. He has also obtained several years of Homiletics and Hermeneutics training through the Life Changing Bible Institute. He is currently pursuing his Master of Ministry from Covenant Theological Seminary. Pastor Aaron believes in the authenticity of sonship and that true sons understand the dual responsibility of it. He faithfully serves his Father in ministry, Apostle Dr. A.B. McNair, Sr. He is the Overseer of Administration and Director of Public Relations for the Life Changing Ministries International Fellowship. On March 9, 2013 he was united in love with the most beautiful, Lady Ashley McNair. He describes her as “God’s physical love for me” and she works closely with him in ministry. Together they have one lovely daughter Aylana Lynda Michelle and one energetic son, Aaron III (AB).

Elder Kameron L. Adams
Life Center Church - Kansas City, MO
Saturday, February 23, 2019, 11:30 a.m.
Mid-Day Youth Revival

District Elder Elijah Page
Pastor, New Dimension WOTCC – Irvington, NJ
Saturday, February 23, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
Evening Youth Encounter

Some may know him as “Page,” others as a shrewd intellectual speaker, an entrepreneur, friend, a Barber, devoted father, loving husband, brother, gifted musician, pastor, etc… but most of all he’s known as a child of God.

District Elder Elijah D. Page was born in Kingstree, South Carolina on September 21, 1980.  He is the eldest of his four siblings.  Being raised in Apostolic / Pentecostal tenets, the mantle of great servitude became increasingly clear why the Lord called Dist Elder Elijah D. Page into ministry at an early age.  He devoted his life to God and the people of God.  During his early years, Elder Page came to the knowledge of God at Evangelistic Temple Way of the Cross Church under leadership of Bishop Dr. Roosevelt Fulton.  In June of 1992 during a Youth revival preached by Bishop Reginald Davis, at the age 12, he gave his life to Christ and was baptized in the name of Jesus then shortly received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  After graduating High School, he moved to East Orange, New Jersey.  After the guidance of Bishop Roosevelt Fulton, Elder Page became a member of Scripture Way of the Cross Church (Montclair, NJ) under the leadership of Elder Thomas C. Kemp.

Elder Page preached his first message, while visiting family on a vacation “A Set Time” at Evangelistic Temple WOTCC (June 2002) not knowing that, that message was confirmation for his ministry.  After various confirmations from the Lord, Elder Page went back to South Carolina and preached his Initial Sermon on December 22, 2002, with the subject being, “I’m Under Construction” and Subtext “Condition for a Change”

On May 14, 2005, Elder Page married the love of his life, the apple of his eyes, Elect Lady Myeesah T. Page.  To this union, the Lord has blessed them with three children Jalen, Jahki, and Myell Page and many spiritual children.

From a very young age, Dist Elder Elijah D. Page knew that there was a special call on his life.  He received several prophecies through men and women of God concerning God’s hand in his life.  As he grew in the Lord, the call became more intense and fervent.  Thus on June 6, 2006, at the age of 25, a year after being married to Elect Lady Page, Dist Elder Elijah D. Page founded and established New Dimension Way of the Cross Church.  The ministry was birth out of the scriptures in Genesis 13:14-17.

Elder Page was ordained to Elder in the Lord’s Church on August 2007 during the 63rd Holy Convocation of the WOTCC, International, and the 53rd Youth for Christ Convention.  On August 2010 during the 66th Holy Convocation, he was ordained District Elder of the New England Diocese of DE, PA, NJ, & NY.

Elder Page is a young man, which displays his love for God, the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International, and the Church of God as a whole.  He serves / served as a member of the National Youth for Christ Planning Committee, Coordinator of the Sons of Zion, Member of the Pastor’s Council, Member of the District Elder Board, served as President of the New England Diocese Youth for Christ Department, alongside with Elect Lady Page as coordinator of IYFC Way of the Cross-Marriage Ministries.  With many gifts, he uses them for the edifying of the body of Christ.  We give praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for having His mighty hands upon this young man’s life- District Elder Elijah D. Page.

Some of District Elder Elijah D. Page accomplishments are thus far:

Kingstree Senior High School, Kingstree, South Carolina
Evangelistic Temple Bible College Kingstree, South Carolina
United Bible Training School, Jersey City, New Jersey
Apostolic Christian College, Washington, DC
Essex County College, Newark, New Jersey
County College of Morris, Randolph, New Jersey
State of New Jersey Notary Public of NJ
Empire Beauty “Hair Design” School, Bloomfield, New Jersey
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, NJ Roundtable (CSCMP)
Advisory Board Member for F.E.L.L.A.S for the City of Irvington, NJ
Owner of Kreative Kutz Barbershop, Irvington, NJ
The New Jerusalem Radio WNJI 95.9FM Co-Host with wife Elect Lady Myeesah Page “Keep the Fire Burning” Marriage Ministry on

He was a special guest on “Kingdom Live ShowIBN Gospel Radio Show discussing “The Requirements & Repercussions of a Married/Single Life.”

He was a special guest twice on “A Godly Woman’s ViewTV/Radio Show discussing “Men Embracing Their Vision” and “The Power of Praying Man”

Elder Page gave a speech on behalf of the FELLAS “Fathers Empowered to Learn, Lead, and Achieve Success” (Summer 2010) in which his audience included city officials; among them was Mayor Wayne Smith of Irvington, and other dignitaries.