District Elder Johnathan Mintz, President

WOTCC History

The Way of the Cross Church of Christ was founded in Washington, DC by the late Bishop Henry Chauncey Brooks in 1927. In December of 1933 Bishop Brooks incorporated the church and it became an independent body. At the time of Bishop H.C. Brooks’ death, the organization had grown to twenty-five churches.

In 1934 Bishop Brooks began a work in Franklinton, North Carolina. The church began to grow quickly and became a branch of the body and was named The Ransom Way of the Cross Church of Christ. Bishop John L Brooks pastored Ransom for twenty-one years. After the death of the founder, Bishop H.C. Brooks, Bishop J.L. Brooks served as Presiding Bishop until 1981. During his administration seven churches were added in Ghana, West Africa, and a national foreign missions effort was begun.

In August of 1943, Elder H.C. Eggleston was returning from a Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ convention (founded by Bishop R.C. Lawson). He decided to take a detour to view the church pastored by Bishop H.C. Brooks. Through a friend and former congregant, Elder Eggleston would get the opportunity to meet Bishop Brooks in a chance encounter that evening. Bishop Eggleston saw the need for his church to be part of an organization, and after meeting Bishop Brooks for the first time, Elder Eggleston remarked, “This is the man God wants me to follow.” Elder Eggleston and Bishop Brooks became the best of friends. Shiloh Way of the Cross became a part of the Way of the Cross Churches of Christ International and later Elder Eggleston would be consecrated Bishop. Today Shiloh sits on a main thoroughfare named Brookdale Street, so named by the efforts of Bishop H.C. Eggleston in honor of his friend Bishop Brooks. Bishop Harry Clay Eggleston was the third Presiding Bishop, serving the organization until his death in 1984.

In 1935 a young man by the name of Leroy Cannady was converted and baptized in Franklinton, North Carolina. In 1950 he answered the call of God to the ministry and subsequently moved his family to Baltimore, Maryland, where he established the Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ. He currently serves as pastor and as Presiding Bishop of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ. Under the direction of Bishop Cannady, The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International began to develop organizationally with the formation of the Executive Board of Bishops, the General Board of Bishops, the Pastoral Council, the Ministers and Elders Council, the National Sunday School Department, the diaconate, the Pastor’s Wives Council, and other ministries at the national and international level.

Today the way of the Cross Church of Christ International consists of nearly 100 churches in 12 states and 3 countries.